Driving Practical Test

  • Explained with The Highway Code rules
  • Know what will be assessed on exam day
  • What is expected and how you should do it?
  • Graphic illustration of driving test manoeuvres
  • Know why learners fail in the test
  • Easy to follow tips and hints
  • Fully illustrated, full colour graphics
  • Includes DSA driver record - Check your readiness for the exam
    This book covers
  • Detailed advice and tips on how to improve key competencies necessary for safe driving
  • Know what to expect on your driving test day
  • Know how examiner will assess your performance
  • Areas where you need to demonstrate consistent independent performance
  • Why learners fail?

    Also includes drivers record
    The record is based on the official learning to drive syllabus and lists all the skills you need to drive safely. It will help you to

  • See how you are progressing and identify the skills that need more attention.
  • Keep track of your progress and encourage you to become skilled in all the key areas.
  • Prepare for your practical test and become a safer driver.

  • Price £6.99
  • Offer price £2.49

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