Theory test, Mock Theory test

Knowing How to Drive is a necessary skill nowadays. To learn driving some people take lessons from a driving school, some learn it from their friends, relatives etc. But in any case you need to have a driving licence to drive any vehicle on the road. And you can only get a driving licence by passing the driving test.

Its natural being nervous even if you are confident of your driving skills. If you are one of those who hate failing in anything, then the chances of getting nervous
increases. If you are physically and physcologically prepared, then passing a driving test is not at all difficult.

Try getting enough sleep while preparing for your test. This will help you relax and feel fresh the next day which will help you to concentrate more on your studies. You should review what you have done at least two days before your exam.

Beside this, you will have to deal with your nervousness. You can do this by deep
breathing, meditation etc. These techniques will help you to focus on the test. If you are relaxed and calm before the test you will be able to perform better.Pass-test driving test software covers the multiple-choice part of the theory test, which is identical in format to the actual test. It contains the complete set of Theory Test questions of the multiple-choice questions and answers. Here you can solve over 1,273 questions that might come up in the test with very much useful functionality, which would help you in passing actual theory test. These are the questions from official DSA theory test question bank, from which actual theory test exam questions are taken.

Special features :

- There are around 1273 questions in the database.
- Unlimited Access
- You can see statistics of your performance

Multiple Choice Questions

- Latest question bank with new Theory Test questions released in 2007-08.
- All official car and motorcycle questions.
- Graphical analysis,Progress monitor
- Practice where you are weak
- Save questions for later revisions
- Unlimited random mock tests
- save questions for later revisions

Hazard Perception test

- 72 hazard perception practice clips including official DSA practice clips
- Interactive practice sessions .
- Know more about examination process
- Scoring mechanism, tips and hints
- Demonstration graphics

Highway Code & Road Signs
- Digital version of highway code
- Road signs and markings

hazard perception demo clips will get fair idea about hazard perception test after practicing these demo clips. Hazard perception information help in the application gives more details, important tips, scoring mechanism etc about the hazard perception test. Hence please go through this help. That would definitely help you in preparing hazard perception part of theory exam. While preparing for hazard perception test, do not ignore multiple choice theory test part of the exam.

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