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DSA has released new driving theory test questions for the Car and Motorcycle theory test from 3rd September 07.

Some Features Of New Driving Test :

On 3rd september 2007 the multiple-choice part of the theory test will change in the following ways:

1.Driving Theory test questions will increase.

2.No. of questions in the exam currently 35 will increase to 50

3.Pass mark will be 43

4.Allotted time to complete test will be 57 min

5.DSA exam fees increase from £21.50 £28.50

6.No change in HPT.

The New Theory test will include questions on topics such as insurance, licensing issues and eco-friendly driving etc. So that students have more thorough knowledge about the whole syllabus.

In short, students will be required to spend more time on revision of questions now.

There are more specific questions about road markings and speed limits that students will now have to revise.

Tips on passing theory test:

1.Check out driving test software on and start preparing for your Theory Test.

2.If you dont understand a single point, ask your instructor.

3.dont learn to answers just for passing the exam, understand them to become a better driver.

4.Ask your family members to help you in testing your theory test answers.

5.Once you have passed theory test you will get a pass certificate which iis valid for 2 years. Then you have to pass your practical test within this time frame. If you dont pass your practical test within 2 years, you will have to retake your theory test.

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